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Hackenbergweg 43 1190 Vienna

About the project “The Unique Villas”

Information on the project

Key data

Address Hackenbergweg 43 - 1190 Vienna
Properties 17 Houses
Costs From € 1,549,000
Space 126 To 130
Project number 15975

Project description

Unique Living in Döbling

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Döbling vineyards, 3SI Immogroup is creating an exclusive collection of 17 stylish villas with THE UNIQUE - furnished with the utmost elegance and exquisite taste. On the southern slope of the Hackenberg in the heart of Sievering, each of the villas seduces with a private sauna and an outdoor pool. Surrounded by the green vineyards, one can escape the hustle and bustle of the city here and still enjoy quick access to Vienna's city center. More than 50 wine taverns in the nearby surroundings invite you to enjoy a glass of "Wiener G'mischten Satz" from their own vineyards, whose idyllic slopes offer a view of all of Vienna.

Unique Villas

Located on the dreamlike southern slope of the Hackenberg are THE UNIQUE villas. Each of the 17 structures is an independent house, characterized by an innovative concept of materials, form and color. The modern cubes hark back to Bauhaus architecture and inspire with minimalist and linear design on all levels. Precious panels made of fiber cement stretch across the facades as a style-defining element and perfectly combine functionality with aesthetics. Combined with a flexible cladding of the houses, protection against wind and weather is guaranteed, which at the same time allows for multifaceted lighting concepts inside the houses. THE UNIQUE Villas offer many individual living options: harmonious retreats, generous outdoor areas and plenty of space for family and friends.

Unique Living Concepts

The intelligent living concepts, which follow the natural lifestyle and rhythm of the residents, as well as the generous space on three floors, account for the particularly high quality of life in the UNIQUE Villas.

  • 4 generous rooms
  • Usable space of approx. 130 m²
  • Plots from approx. 275 to 480 m²
  • Terraces with approx. 33 m²
  • Balconies with approx. 7 m²
  • private gardens from approx. 192 to 397 m²

Unique Interior Design

The secret of the UNIQUE villas' feel-good experience lies in the skilful interplay of big ideas and finely thought-out details. The interiors show off their natural beauty thanks to high-quality oak floorboards. Large windows that let sunlight into the living spaces and provide views of nature create echoes of the iconic architecture of the residential project. The design concept of the bathrooms features high-quality porcelain stoneware and state-of-the-art branded plumbing products that create an inviting and exquisite atmosphere. The living comfort is complemented with technical add-ons, such as an integrated radio in the bathroom and a smart-home control system, via which temperature and lighting can be controlled from anywhere via app.

  • High-quality oak floorboards
  • Wood-aluminum windows with insulating glazing
  • Underfloor heating
  • Electric sun shades
  • Air conditioning
  • Preparation for outdoor kitchens
  • E-charging station optional
  • Smart home control
  • Sauna and outdoor pool
  • Car parking spaces in the complex - partly with carport
  • Storage box for garden tools

Unique Location

Some places are surrounded by a unique flair that invites you to discover them. The Sievering district in the heart of Döbling is such a special place. On the foothills of the Pfaffenberg, the Schenkenberg and above the valley of the Arbesbach lie the renowned Sievering vineyards. Sit among the vines, taste regional delicacies and enjoy a refreshing glass of wine. In no time at all, you can get from Vienna's vibrant city center to the wine village of Sievering, where hiking meets pleasure.


  • 25 minutes to the city center by car
  • 41 minutes by public transport to Schottentor
  • 10 minutes walk to line 35A
  • 34 minutes public to S+U Spittelau

Top Heurige nearby:

  • Fuhrgassl-Huber - 15 minutes walk
  • The Schreiberhaus - 14 minutes walk
  • Heuriger Wolff - 13 minutes walk
  • Weinhof Zimmermann - 7 minutes walk
  • Schutzhaus Hackenberg - 2 minutes walk

The 360° panoramic tour, which gives a great overview of the villas, is a sample tour of Villa 7.

Please also visit the project website for more information and a and 3D images of the villas.

Service charges

For the sake of good order, we would like to point out that, unless otherwise stated in the offer, in case of successful completion of the sale, a commission will be charged according to the rates stipulated in the Real Estate Agent Regulation BGBI. 262 and 297/1996 - that is 3% of the purchase price plus 20% VAT. This commission obligation also exists if you pass on the information provided to you to third parties. There is a close economic relationship with the seller.

The preparation of the contract and the handling of the escrow is bound to the law firm Mag. Schreiber A-1010 Vienna, Schottenring 16. The costs amount to 1.5 % of the purchase price plus 20 % VAT as well as cash expenses and notarization. In case of external financing the fee increases to 1.8 % of the purchase price plus 20 % VAT, cash expenses and notarization.

This text has been translated automatically. No liability is assumed for the accuracy and completeness of the translation. Changes and typographical errors reserved.


  • 17 stylish villas
  • Sauna & outdoor pool
  • Just under 300 m² of own land
  • Around 130 m² of usable space
  • Charming gardens, terraces & balconies
  • Car parking spaces in the complex - some with carport
  • Fantastic views over the vineyards, Vienna or the unique surroundings
  • In the middle of the vineyards
  • HWB 42.2 to 44.8 kWh/m²

All Houses at a glance

Here you can find the property that meets your expectations

Villa Floors Rooms Usable floor space Floor space Outdoor space Balcony Garden Terrace Price Status    
1 3 4 129.70  275.00  230.17  6.65  191.75  31.77   1,689,000 Available
2 3 4 129.29  275.00  229.79  6.57  191.71  31.51   1,989,000 Available
3 3 4 129.29  275.00  229.79  6.57  191.71  31.51   1,689,000 Available
12 3 4 130.01  276.00  232.81  7.37  192.00  33.44   1,549,000 Available
13 3 4 129.79  275.00  232.74  7.37  191.93  33.44   1,549,000 Available
4 3 Sold
5 3 Sold
6 3 Sold
7 3 Sold
8 3 Sold
9 3 Sold
10 3 Sold
11 3 Sold
14 3 Sold
15 3 Sold
16 3 Sold
17 3 Sold
Already viewed
Already viewed

All Houses at a glance

Here you can find the property that meets your expectations

17 Houses
Already viewed
Already viewed

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