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Company info

3SI Immogroup GmbH
Buying and renting of properties
VAT ID: 670 411 22
Company register: 375938 a
Registry court: Vienna Commercial Court 

Registered office

Tegetthoffstraße 7
1010 Vienna, Austria
Tel: +43 1 607 58 58
Fax: +43 1 607 55 80

Managing Director

Ing. Michael Schmidt

Chamber membership

Vienna Chamber of Commerce

Competent trade authority

Municipal District Office for the 1st District


  • Real estate trustee (real estate agent, real estate manager, property developer), limited to property developers
  • Nomination of persons interested in concluding a contract on real estate to an authorized real estate fiduciary (real estate broker, property developer) without being permanently entrusted by the same client, excluding any activity reserved for a real estate fiduciary.

Applicable trade and professional regulations

  • Real Estate Developer Contract Act
  • Commercial Code
  • Limited Liability Companies Act
  • General guidelines for real estate trustees

The trade and professional regulations are available on the following websites


The content of this website is protected by copyright. The provision of content and graphical material from this website on other websites is only allowed with the express permission of 3SI Immogroup. The information contained on this website is provided in good faith and has been carefully checked for accuracy. Nevertheless, content and factual errors cannot be completely ruled out. 3SI Immogroup assumes no guarantee or liability for the accuracy, currentness, and completeness of the information provided. All information is provided without guarantee. This also applies to all links to other URLs mentioned on this website.


Information on online dispute resolution

Consumers have the opportunity to submit complaints to the EU’s dispute resolution platform: You can also send any complaints to the email address given above.

Design & implementation

JAMJAM - Immobilienmarketing Agentur

Photos & videos

Portraits and company photos:
Image spot: JAMJAM - Immobilienmarketing Agentur
Property photos as of 2020: © MW-Architekturfotografie
Lindengasse photos: © Petar Uljarevic
Sobieskigasse photos: © Neumayer Projektmanagement/Alexander Müller



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Phone number : +43 1 607 58 58