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» It’s nice to know that my apartment building is in good hands with the Schmidt family and that it has a secure future.  «

Rafael Rotter

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We will lead your apartment building into a valuable future

We see it as our responsibility to preserve the historic heritage of Vienna

Michael, Harald und Claus Schmidt | 3SI Immogroup

Maintaining the traditional character of Vienna is a matter close to the heart of our family business. We have set ourselves the goal of preserving the unique architectural potential of apartment buildings, thereby ensuring the continued existence of these for future generations to come. Our ambition is to provide you with our personal assistance and experience in all matters relating to the sale of your apartment building, property, or apartment. We promise to make the process of selling your property as uncomplicated, professional, and quick as possible.

  • We work together with you to evaluate your options regarding the development of your property.
  • We consider your individual needs: from your or a family member’s usufruct to help in investing or reinvesting the money received from the sale of your property.
  • We focus on the preservation of the property, its core values and its character.

There are lots of reasons to sell an apartment building, property, or apartment

We would be happy to help you to find the right sales model

  • Ehemalige Zinshausbesitzer - Rosa und Mag. Markus Brichta | 3SI Immogroup

    » We were provided with comprehensive service. The sales process was quick, yet always very personal. And the price was more than competitive. «

    Rosa Brichta & her son Mag. Markus Brichta
  • Ehemalige Zinshausbesitzer - Mag. Elisabeth Schuster | 3SI Immogroup

    » The first offer was close to our price expectations. We were able to agree on a price quickly. I really appreciated the clear communication. «

    Mag. Elisabeth Schuster
  • Ehemalige Zinshausbesitzer - Judith Rotter-Resetritsch und Rafael Rotter | 3SI Immogroup

    » Mr. Schmidt showed understanding for our wants and needs. We can even continue to live in the building, which was important to us from the beginning. «

    Judith Rotter-Resetritsch & her son Rafael Rotter
  • Ehemalige Zinshausbesitzer - Rosa und Mag. Markus Brichta | 3SI Immogroup
  • Ehemalige Zinshausbesitzer - Mag. Elisabeth Schuster | 3SI Immogroup
  • Ehemalige Zinshausbesitzer - Judith Rotter-Resetritsch und Rafael Rotter | 3SI Immogroup

Your contact person

Our real estate expert will be happy to advise you personally – without obligation and free of charge

Markus Steinböck

Management real estate purchase

+43 1 607 58 58 15

We buy and develop properties

Together we create assets for eternity

Zinshaus in Wien | 3SI Immogroup

We would like to continue the story of a property and lead it into a secure future. With great dedication, attention to detail, and decades of experience, we combine the best of technical expertise, beauty, and function.

We are constantly looking for suitable properties in Vienna and its surroundings, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, and other urban areas in Austria.


  • Apartment buildings
  • Shares of apartment buildings
  • Rented apartments
  • Office buildings
  • New buildings


  • Plots
  • Building right properties
  • Properties with existing buildings

» We preserve the moment for eternity because we care about the beauty of the city. «

Harald, Michael und Claus Schmidt

Every property is unique as its owner

The character of the building and its owner are our focus

During a mutual inspection of your property, we will evaluate potential opportunities and requirements together with you. We know as a family that there is a lot of emotion involved in selling a property. We understand your situation and are happy to discuss your questions and needs. From the right of residence of family members to investing your new assets – no matter what expectations you may have, we take into consideration your individual needs and provide you with comprehensive support throughout the entire process. Together we will find the perfect solution!

Do you know the value of your apartment building?

Calculate the purchase price of your property – quick and easy

Ankaufsteam | 3SI Immogroup

The 3SI apartment building calculator allows you to get an initial estimate of the purchase price of your property in just a few steps. The online valuation is a free service for all apartment building owners – regardless of whether you intend to sell your property now or would just like to find out its current value. The calculation is non-binding and without any obligation on your part.

Zinshaust calculator

What is a “Zinshaus”?

Get useful information about Zinshäuser (i.e., historic apartment buildings)

Zinshaus Inside


We look forward to hearing from you!


We look forward to hearing from you!

You are welcome to contact us by phone or through our contact form.

Phone number : +43 1 607 58 58