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Townhouse Alte Donau Argonautenstraße 5 1220 Vienna

Townhouse Alte Donau

Information on the project

Key data

Address Argonautenstraße 5 - 1220 Vienna
Properties 2 Houses
Costs From € 1,290,000
Space From 145
Project number 16495

Project description


Living on the Old Danube is a luxury. Owning a townhouse in idyllic surroundings close to the city is even more so. If you want to increase assets, quality of life and quality of living, there is no way around Argonautenstraße 5. Being able to offer the highest level of competence from a single source is the basic prerequisite for Spörk und Partner to develop future-oriented real estate properties that are planned and implemented with the greatest care in terms of energy efficiency, ecology and sustainability. In doing so, we do not make the slightest concessions in terms of standards and comfort, refined room layouts and dignified furnishings.

Sophisticated architecture, future-oriented planning and high-quality execution make up the visible part of the exclusivity of this project. The other part is in and under the ground: All six houses are built on their own land and have full basements. A rarity on the Alte Donau, where leases, building rights and buildings without basements dominate. A reason for joy.

The visible exclusivity of the houses, laid out in two groups of three, already symbolizes value to the outside world. The initially hidden assets further define each house as a unique investment opportunity.


The houses in the project are planned and equipped by Spörk und Partner with an eye to the future. State-of-the-art air-source heat pumps and underfloor heating with cooling function ensure an ecological indoor climate without air conditioning. Parking spaces on own property and e-charging points for car, bike or scooter are available. Accessibility is provided for on all levels. And with the entire building equipment Spörk and partner set as usual on high-quality with unusual comfort.

Also the possibility of letting still individual desires and needs convert with floor plans and space use is given. A house in AG5 is only then your house, if it corresponds in each regard to your conceptions.

Parquet floors made of brushed oak in all living rooms; tiling in bathrooms and toilets with the best porcelain stoneware; bathtubs, washbasins, toilets and the corresponding fittings from the best producers on the market; well thought-out and sufficiently dimensioned electrical installations with a visually appealing switch program and much more. Everything simply noble.

Comfort and quality of life determine the satisfaction of future homeowners. Therefore, large and openable windows with triple glazing provide bright and quiet rooms and can be completely darkened by means of externally mounted, remote-controlled Venetian blinds
. All doors open neatly: From the security entrance door to the last interior door, they provide exceptional living comfort with a height of 2.10 meters. Amenities and standards that you will look for in vain in other houses.


The wonderful living space "Alte Donau" can be described as a real rarity. City and countryside merge into each other here. The urban leisure oasis enters into fantastic symbioses with the idyllic environmental paradise.

Even if you live in an AG5 house in the middle of the countryside, you can get to the pulsating center of the city with its theaters and event locations, stores, cafés, restaurants, discos and bars in no time at all by taking the public transportation. In 20 minutes you are right in the middle of the action.

Whether jogging, cycling, swimming or surfing. The Alte Donau recreational oasis is right on the doorstep.

Seven subway stations from Stephansplatz, living at the interface between the big city and the idyllic Danube bend. Decide individually and spontaneously what you feel like doing. An AG5 house leaves all possibilities open to you, every day, all year round.

Service charges

For the sake of good order, we would like to point out that, unless otherwise stated in the offer, a commission is due upon successful completion of the transaction, which corresponds to the rates stipulated in the Real Estate Agent Ordinance BGBI. 262 and 297/1996 - this is 3% of the purchase price plus 20% VAT. This commission obligation also exists if you pass on the information provided to you to third parties. There is a close economic relationship with the seller.

The execution of the contract and the handling of the escrow is bound to the law firm PAJEK Rechtsanwalts GmbH A-1010 Vienna, Plankengasse 7/2/27.

This text has been translated automatically. No liability is assumed for the accuracy and completeness of the translation. Changes and typographical errors reserved.


  • 6 exclusive houses
  • 4 to 5 rooms
  • 145 m² living space
  • Own land on the Old Danube
  • Attractive balconies and gardens
  • High-quality finish
  • Optimal transport links
  • Including cellar and parking
  • As an investment or for own use

All Houses at a glance

Here you can find the property that meets your expectations

Haus Floors Rooms Usable floor space Outdoor space Balcony Garden Terrace Price Status    
5 4 4 178.25  32.94  4.00  21.44  7.50   1,290,000 Available
4 4 Sold
Already viewed
Already viewed

All Houses at a glance

Here you can find the property that meets your expectations

2 Houses
Already viewed
Already viewed

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